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There is no anybody who more often or then don’t feel cold or headache or any other illness but there are some people get health issues frequently, it has been their lifestyle. they don’t know why they are always falling ill not because it’s genetic.
Your health should be your upmost priority so you must adhere to it.
According to the Oxford advance Lerner dictionary , health is defined as the condition of a person’s body or mind. so your health also involves your mind not only your body , your mind might also be one of the reasons why you fall ill easily because the mind is not settled.
The mind/soul is the bridge connecting the spirit and your body together , your spirit cannot fall ill rather it’s your body or your mind. I called the mind the battlefield of life , a lot of activities happens there.

Your health -Reasons why people get ill?

1.lack of meditation
The Oxford dictionary defined meditation as the process of thinking deeply in silence.
Meditation is a principle of calming the soul/mind to access a divine realm . A lot of person’s fall ill because their soul/ mind is busy no time to calm it, the mind is always busy of our daily activities , what to eat, I haven’t done my assignment , the mind is not settled, always busy trying to achieve this physical world activities. Meditation calms your soul/minds and opens you to the spirit world , you can’t fall sick easily when you are in tune with the spirit world.

Simple guide of how to meditate ?

  • ┬áplay a cool sound/music.
  • sit down and relax , enjoy the music try to focus your attention
  • on the music playing.
  • say in your heart inner peace. do this for at least 10mins

2. Lack of rest

A lot of person’s are workaholic no time to rest, no time for themselves, they are always busy working. your body needs rest, your body needs it’s own time, create time to relax your body and mind.

3. Lack of personal hygiene
hygiene is the practice of keeping yourself and your environment clean to prevent illness and diseases ( Oxford dictionary). a lot of person’s are dirty , they live in a dirty environment , they don’t take care of their body and environments. it’s very important to take care of your environment to prevent bacteria, fungi’s and other microscopic organisms .
Some person’s take their bath only once a day which is not hygienic , after sweating from a job been done or otherwise take your bath, before you go to sleep at night take your bath.

4. Eat enough fruits
World health organization (W.H.O) recommends we eat at least 4 to 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily to reduce one risk of stroke , heart diseases and some types of cancer. fruits are vitamins, they help in boosting the immune system , nourish your body , strengthen the bones etc.

5. Water : there nobody that don’t drink water, water is good for the body systemIt completes this function by permitting natural mixes to respond in manners that eventually permit replication. All known types of life rely upon water. Water is imperative both as a dissolvable in which huge numbers of the body’s solutes break up and as a fundamental piece of numerous metabolic cycles inside the body. Digestion is the whole of anabolism and catabolism. In anabolism, water is taken out from atoms (through vitality requiring enzymatic synthetic responses) so as to develop bigger particles (e.g., starches, fatty substances and proteins for capacity of powers and data). In catabolism, water is utilized to break securities so as to create littler particles (e.g., glucose, unsaturated fats and amino acids to be utilized for energizes for vitality use or different purposes). Without water, these specific metabolic cycles couldn’t exist. When you wake up from sleep drink a glass of water and drink a lot of water during the day , make water your best friend.

Your health is the most important thing to you , your health is your life , the way you take care of your health determines your life span.

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