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Is Sinus Infection Contagious

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Is Sinus Infection Contagious

Is ainus infection contagious

Are you suffering from a sinus infection? I know it is painful. But you might be more worried about the question, Is a sinus infection contagious? Am I going to pass this pain to others? We understand your solicitude. You don’t want to become the source of transmission of this disease to people around you. But before knowing whether a sinus infection is contagious or not, we need to understand some other important things about this infection.

Is sinua infection contagious

What is the Cause of Sinus Infection?

There could be different causes behind your disease.

A Bacterial Infection

You might have caught this infection due to contacting a bacterium. And bacterial infections are not contagious. Symptoms of bacterial infection usually last for up to two weeks or until they are cured with antibiotics. Mucus accumulation around your respiratory tract is also a sign of bacterial sinusitis.

A Viral Infection

If you have got this infection by contacting a virus, which is the case in most sinus infections, then you can be a source of transmitting this disease to others. But immune systems of different people react differently to the same virus. You may transmit the virus but not the same disease.

Allergic Reactions

The question, is sinus infection contagious, has a negative answer if it is an allergic reaction.

Your sinusitis could be a result of some allergic reaction. Dust in air, smoking, polluted air, pollens, furry animals, dusty carpets, and many other factors may trigger allergic sinusitis in you. If you have developed an allergy to any environmental factor your symptoms will more likely last for a longer period. Or you may get a series of short frequent attacks of sinus infections. But allergic reactions are not contagious though people around you, especially your family may have the same allergies as you. Because allergies are sometimes inherent.

Nasal Polyps

Is sinus infection contagious

This could be another reason why you are suffering from sinus problems. These are non-cancerous growths on the inner epithelial layer of your nasal passage. Nasal polyps are painless hence, you don’t feel them.

But as you are not sure about the cause of your infection you should restrict your contact with others for a few days until your doctor diagnoses the root cause behind it.

How to Avoid the Spread?

Once you are diagnosed with a viral sinus infection you should know that viral sinus infection is contagious and you can spread it to your surroundings. Fluids from the body of an infected person carry the virus. When the patient sneezes, coughs, spits he transfers the virus to the surroundings. The hands of an infected person are most likely to have viruses on them. Touching doorknobs, sharing the same utensils for drinking and eating, using the same towels or pillows are the most common transmitters.

Cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing. Wash your hands frequently. Sanitize the utensils used by the patient, avoid close contact with the patient.

How long can the infection be transmitted?

If you are carrying a virus, you may not show the symptoms for up to one week. You might have already transmitted the virus before even knowing that you have a contagious sinus infection. If yiu are worried about the question, is sinus infection contagious you should know that the early days of infection are the days of transmission.


Hence, we have got the answer to the question, “is sinus infection contagious?” Sinus infection might be a result of either a bacterium, some type of allergy, or a virus. But in either case, we should take the precautions because precaution is always better than cure. We can avoid the spread of sinus infection by taking care of our hygiene and other precautionary steps. If in case you happen to get a sinus infection you should consult your doctor to diagnose the cause of infection. And if the infection is caused by a virus, necessary measures should be taken to stop the transmission.






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