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Where is the palace of happiness, the indestructible bastion of happiness that so many are eagerly
seeking?How is it to be acquired even if alone??
The answer is we can enter this palace within our own lives.In other words we have the capacity to
make ourselves happy irrespective of any event or people around.
In todays complex society where it is quite easy to succumb to negative influences, the wisdom to live
mindfully and meaningfully is crucial. So here are few conditions in which one can be happy alone.
1: The first condition for happiness is fulfilment .
2:The second condition for happiness is create value in life.
3:The third condition for happiness is to take the responsibility of your own life.
4:The fourth condition for happiness is to take the life cheerfully and vibrantly.
5:The fifth condition for happiness is courage.

#1 Fulfilment : To be filled each day with a rewarding sense of exhilaration And purpose, a sense of Task
accomplished and deep fulfilment, people who feel this way are very happy those who have the sense
of satisfaction are very happy even they are alone.

#2 Value Added Life: In order to be happy one should have a value added life that can be achieved by
doing selflessly good work for others and giving hopupliftment. This act of doing good gives you higher
self esteem which creates indestructible happiness’ even you’re alone.

#3 Take the responsibility of your life instead of blaming others for our unhappinesses , take the
responsibility of your life .Suddenly complaints will disappear and one releases happiness from within
and can free ourselves from emotional dependence on others which makes us self sufficient.

#4 Live cheerfully and vibrantly: Only a positive mind can live cheerfully and vibrantly they not only keep
themselves happy but others as well staying positive is the key to happiness even if you are alone.

#5 Courage:The secret to be happy alone is to have a courage to take any challenges head on .Happiness
equals daily life.

Start challenging yourself in every area of life on daily basis to be a better you from yesterday ,it will giveyou immense happiness even if you are alone.
Hope this article can contribute to the mental fitness.

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Author: Anubha Jain

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