5 Essential ways to lose weight and slim down

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fEverybody tends to look beautiful. A beautiful appearance owes to a fit body. Losing weight is not easy, but not so difficult. You have to take a balanced diet and must do some exercise regularly. This article will tell you how you can lose weight without any additional equipment and some habits you must adapt to. Ways to lose weight:
  1. Drinking plenty of water
  2. Appropriate sleep
  3. On time breakfast, lunch, and dinne
  4. Simple habits
  5. Exercise
Although all the above-listed things aid in weight loss, exercise is the most important. Now we should have a brief look at these worthy points.

1.Drinking plenty of water:

Drinking an adequate amount of water is very important. Studies have revealed that one can lose 2.2kg weight in 12 weeks. Drinking a little hot water is even more beneficial, especially if taken in the morning. It also prevents the wilting of the skin due to weight loss.

2.Adequate sleep:

Adequate sleep helps maintain body weight—oversleeping results in an increase in body weight, especially belly fat. One should take 6 hours of sleep daily. It is also vital for mental health.

3.On time breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Your breakfast should be on time if you want to lose weight. Every meal should be scheduled. No junk food and no fast food should be taken in unscheduled hours.Ways to lose weight: Drinking plenty of water Appropriate sleep On time breakfast, lunch, and dinne Simple habits Exercise  Although all the above-listed things aid in

4.Simple habits:

However, there are many simple habits that you can adopt to aid your body in weight loss. These are the ways of doing our daily routine jobs. Like, you may walk to the vegetable shop instead of using a bike or car. It would be best if you took the stairs instead of the lift besides using a bicycle instead of automobiles. You should eat slowly and chew it well. All these habits can reduce weight, but to a small extent, exercise is necessary for proper weight loss.


Although all the points mentioned earlier are quite helpful in reducing the weight, exercise is the main and the real way to reduce the weight. “Exercise is any activity requiring physical effort and is carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.” There are many exercises to lose bodyweight, and almost all of these exercises can reduce your weight. Still, some activities can damage your body, so be careful in doing any exercise and correctly do the exercise. Otherwise, it will result in muscle stiffness, pain in joints and backbone pain, etc. Here I am giving a brief description of some exercises and their benefits. Most of you will be familiar with these exercises.
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It is the most primitive exercise, and almost everyone is familiar with it. It is a simple but challenging exercise. If you can do 20 push-ups at a time, you are relatively fit.


This exercise stretches and activates almost all muscles of the body, from head to toes. Keep in mind, and you should keep your head upward to get maximum out of it.


It is also a very famous exercise. It is relatively more challenging but very beneficial.


It strengthens your thigh muscles and keeps your legs powerful and energetic. It makes your legs resistant to tiredness, and the stamina of your legs is increased.


This is also a well-known exercise which is often regarded as a game. It takes almost two or three weeks to be learned thoroughly, but it is an interesting exercise as well as a game.


This is very helpful in burning the fat of shoulder, arms, and it strengthens your wrists.lose weight


It is the base of all exercises. Every person is familiar with it. But there are somethings to be kept in mind that could otherwise harm you. Shoes are the most important regarding running. Be careful while buying shoes for running or walk. Sole should be very soft, and the shoes should be very soft. It should never hurt your feet. Tight shoes can produce fungus in your feet. Remember to bask your shoes once a week. If you are too obese to run, you should make a start by walk. If you are a little fitter but can’t run, you should start with a fast walk. An extreme step in this regard is running. All these are just steps or preparation for running. If you have begun by walk, you should gradually shift it to a fast walk and then to running.


Running burns fat from the whole of your body. Extra fat is removed very efficiently by running or walk. It also maintains your sugar level and Blood pressure.


This is also a trendy exercise among those people who are familiar with sports. This is a simple exercise. You have to jump and open your legs to some extent, according to your ease. At the same time, touch both hands above the head.


As this is a jumping exercise, its benefits are no more different from running. If you don’t have an environment for running, you should do Jumping jack and Skipping rope.


As I told you, exercise is an essential factor in the process of weight loss. If you are not overweight, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do exercise. Physical workouts are necessary for a healthy life. Exercises make you fit, maintain sugar level, control blood pressure, avoid heart problems, and keep you happy. Although exercise is beneficial in weight loss, one cannot deny the importance of a balanced diet
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