yoga to control blood pressure

Yoga to control blood pressure

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yoga to control blood pressure

Yoga to control blood pressure

Do you know why people do yoga to control blood pressure. We will tell you in this article the role of yoga to control blood pressure. Yoga is important for our life because it’s controlling and individual mind ,body and soul. yoga also help manage anxiety and release stress keep relexing.

it’s also help to reduce for fat and increse flexibility,muscle strangth. its also reduce the daily stress level .we eat oily food daily and never do exercise. so yoga can help to fit our body. In our country so many people suffer from many diseases.

Yoga to control blood pressure people firstly blood pressure in our arteries,blood pressure is the froce of blood. so are many poples suffer from blood pressure problem. there is no symptoms for high blood presure. it can cause health conditions, like heart disease and stroke. Make it your routine that yo do yoga to control blood pressure.

So yoga will help combat blood pressure problems.There are two natural ways to Control high blood pressure yoga and pranayama. Yoga asans can help for blood pressure. Yoga gives positive energy to mind and body for the long run, it’s helps to regulate blood pressure levels also. therefore it is important that you do yoga to control blood pressure.

yoga to control blood pressure

How many types of blood pressure?

There are two types of Blood pressure –
systolic blood pressure : when your heart is pumping it’s refer pressure inside arteries.
diastolic pressure : when your heart is resting between beats this is pressure inside arteries. But do not forget you can try many types of yoga to control blood pressure.

Some types of yoga to control blood pressure.

shishuasana-This is relieves stress and also normalizes blood circulation.

varjrasana-Its helps control obesity and increase blood flow.

Paschimottanasana- It’s help to normalizes high blood pressure nd also reduce fat .

Sukhasana-It’s reduce high blood pressure and balanced your body and mind joyful and free.

Shavasana-Relieves stress, fatigue and also depression. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Ardha Matsyendrasana- This yoga help to normalize high blood pressure.

Virasana-Its help in regulating blood pressure and increases blood circulation around the legs.

Badhakonasana-This asan can relieve stress and also better circulation of blood for all over body.

Setu bandhasana-It’s help the body regulation to blood pressure.

Poses of Yoga to Control blood pressure

For high blood pressure people do this yoga poses into your daily practice and improve your circulation.

Bound Angle Pose

Bridge Pose

Corpse Pose

Dolphin Pose

Hero Pose

Seated Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

Yoga poses for low blood pressure

yoga for low blood pressure poses for your daily practice to improve your circulation.

Adho Mukha Svanasana






If you think control your BP so avoid eat this things

There are many types of asan for controlling the blood pressure. but so many people eat lots of things they do not thing there is not good for his health. In some people are such bad habits like smoking and drinking etc. they do not think this is bad for our body and health and it’s make lots of problems.

Apart from this avoid some food if you have high blood pressure

Alcohol- Alcohol can be good and bad for your health by your drinking capacity. but some peoples are drink regularly this is not good thing. if people drink more amount of alcohol can actually rise blood pressure by several points.

Quit smoking-Smoking is not good for health but if you have blood pressure problem so definitely this is not good at all for yours. because each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure after you finish. quitting smoking helps your blood pressure return to normal.

Sugar- All are knows sugar is bad for diabetes peoples and weight gain.but sugar can also be cause for high blood pressure. if people eat sweented juices and lots of sweets can put those overweight at a risk of high blood pressure.

Salt- High blood pressure is to limit your salt intake. the body stored extra water is rises the blood presssure. avoid the packed food or frozen foods such as chips,frozen pizza,canned products are some of the saltiest food around.

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Not only for blood pressure peoples, for all people’s needed to do yoga regularly. because if you do yoga then you relief with lots of stress or problems so keep do yoga and always fit and healthy also safe with lots of disease.

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