Why is Exercise Inevitable for the health?

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Health is very important to point which needs consideration of every person because it plays a vital role in the life of people. It is the key to success towards the direction of his/her performance in relation to the work or career. In terms of its importance, people need to do some efforts to maintain their health. And these efforts are known as exercises.


Exercise refers to the group of tasks which are performed to maintain the fitness of the body. In other words, we can also say that exercise is a type of performed tasks by a particular to attain a healthy body in relation to keep his/her body fit. It is very helpful to maintain the fitness of human body because it helps the people to perform various kinds of tasks in relation to their physical movements through which they could become able to keep their body healthy by doing distinct activities such as walking, jogging, laughing, running, jumping, climbing over the net, cycling, swimming, etc.

Along with these activities, there are many more activities related to household chores which can be considered as exercises like mopping, brooming, washing clothes and other tasks which are performed at the time of doing household chores.

Exercises must be done by every person for fixed time duration i.e. minimum of 20-30 minutes in morning and evening also. This time duration would be helpful in maintaining the health of them through which they could become able to focus over their well-being in terms of fitness and also become able to keep away the harmful causes from them.

Why Exercises are needed?

As we all know that most of the people prefer to work to earn more money or make their career. They have a very busy schedule, due to which they don’t have so much time to eat their food on time. Due to their busy schedule and unmaintained schedule of eating food, they could meet with various kinds of issues into their health. It could be into the form of any kind of disease, changes into the size of their body

i.e. obesity etc. To get of rid of these kinds of issues, people need to perform exercises to maintain their body fit. With the help of their performance of exercises, they could perform a few tasks related to their physical movements through which they could take the initial step towards the maintenance of their health.

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Importance of Exercise

Exercises are very important for every person because it helps them to keep the fitness of their body. Since the group of physical tasks helps people to move their body in different directions.

Therefore, the physical tasks must be performed by each and every person through whom they can focus their movements, its speed as well as their body structure which is very important for them, in terms of reduction of obesity. With the help of this focus on their physical activities, people also become able to understand the actual position of their working abilities because it is an important point of their working schedule.

As it plays an important role in the performance of their tasks into their working life or career. That’s why it needs concern in relation to the maintenance of the body’s structure as well as its performance abilities for a person and this concern mainly indicates only one requirement i.e. exercise which is the one and only method of maintaining the health of them.

List of Exercises –

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Laughing
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Skipping the rope
  • Rotation of shoulders
  • Rotation of hands forward and backwards
  • Clapping below the leg by lifting leg right and left


According to my opinion, exercise plays an important role in keeping our body fit and healthy. Since every person has a busy schedule. Therefore, every person needs to do some exercises through he could become able to keep his body fit. And it has also become an essential demand of the present times just because of the busy schedule.

As a writer, I tried my best to bring the best exercises for you which can be performed by you guys and these are very easy and also enjoyable for you. So, please add these exercises into your daily routine to maintain your body fit and healthy.

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