Toothpaste can be hazardous unless you follow 11 rules

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Toothpaste is supposed to whiten teeth alongside cleaning your mouth. Brushing certainly whitens teeth, that makes you feel like they got cleaned. As being significant unlike other organs of the human body, it’s vital to do proper care of teeth on a daily basis. But there are some facts you must know about toothpaste and its uses. Or else, you are causing harm to your teeth instead.

Toothpaste Over rubbing and Stats

A person uses nearly six tubes of toothpaste per year. Dentists suggest, clean your teeth – but don’t overdo it! It’s because, while efforting in teeth whitening, people tend to brush their teeth for a longer time than in need, which harms the gums and the enamel massively. Some health-conscious people are too serious about their mouth hygiene who make such mistakes unknowingly. Dentists are meeting a lot of patients nowadays with this particular issue. Statistic says, 45% of those patients are from 35 to 44 years old, and 58% are from 65 to 74.

Your teeth don’ like hard brushing

Why and how does overdoing harm teeth?

RDA is the element that is mostly accountable for teeth whitening. High RDA paste contains more emollient ingredients that make teeth whiter.

RDA reveals the amount of emollient cream a toothpaste contains, which generates traction between teeth and brush. The more emollient cream a it has, the harder traction it will generate. Correspondingly, the harder the traction gets generated, the more harm the paste will cause to your teeth.


Low RDA toothpaste keeps your teeth safe alongside whitening them

So, Dentists suggest that

  • It would be best if you use the low RDA toothpaste. It, too, will whiten your teeth without harming.
  • Another suggestion dentist prescribe is that moderate pressure should be given on teeth while brushing.
  • An electric brush is also useful in such a case.
  • The brushing period needs to be around 2minutes twice a day.
  • Brushing immediately after eating anything sour is way too detrimental for teeth enamel. So, it’s better to brush after 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Not to use a toothbrush for way too long, the life of a toothbrush consists of around three months; thus, it is necessary to change the toothbrush every three months.
  • Use mouthwash to rinse your toothpaste instead of using water. Water clears out all the Fluid while mouthwash helps it to keep it in the teeth.
  • Hard brush harms teeth accordingly. So, it is essential to use a soft or extra-soft brush to bring out dirt effectively.
  • Excessive toothpaste can damage your enamel and gums; the perfect amount of toothpaste needed to be used.
  • Following the proper brushing, technics are also mandatory for healthy teeth, using slowly moving in small circle brushing techniques rather than quickly back and forth.
  • Flossing the teeth and tongue cleaner needs to use after your brushing for germs could still be left on your tongue.

Toothpaste harms your teeth when you don’t follow these. To prevent such dental issues, make sure you follow the dentist’s suggestions. Keep Smiling!

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