How to get rid of chest congestion?


             How to get rid of chest congestion

The lifestyle that we have adopted has pushed us far away from the nature and it has resulted in many negative effects on human health. One of the most serious threat to our health is the increasing pollution resulting in pulmonary diseases. We have factories and engine operated vehicles all around us that are producing dense clouds of smoke filled with toxic chemicals and we are inhaling those toxins with every breath we take resulting in health issues like chest congestion. That’s why most of the people around us are looking for the answer to the question, how to get rid of chest congestion? But first let’s check what are the symptoms.

Most Common Symptoms of Chest Congestion

The most common symptoms of chest congestion include

  • Dry or wet cough
  • Production of mucus or phlegm
  • Difficulty in breathing (in severe cases
  • Mild to high fever depending upon the severity of the case

How Can We Get Rid of Chest Congestion?

How to get rid of chest congestion


May they be adults or elderly or youngsters or children, every age group is suffering from this health issue and they keep looking for the ways to get it cured. There are many medicines for this purpose but people are more interested in using natural ways and home remedies because they want to avoid the side effects of medicines. Here we have arranged a list of some natural home remedies that you can easily use at your home for getting rid of chest congestion.

1.Drink Warm Fluids

Not only our grandmothers but many health experts recommend to drink warm fluids or warm water. It keeps the throat relaxed and helps us getting rid of chest congestion by dissolving the mucus gathered around our respiratory tract.


Honey has been used as a healing food for many diseases since ages. It has proven to cure chest congestion. It is advised to better drink it dissolved in warm water to fasten the results.

3.Ginger Tea

Ginger is a herb that is used in Ayurveda as a cure of many ailments including pulmonary diseases. Drinking warm ginger tea before going to bed helps releasing the mucus.

  1. Lemon Tea

Lemon added in warm water makes an excellent concoction for the treatment of chest congestion. Vitamin C in lemon is a medically proved treatment of pulmonary and sinus problems.

How to get rid of chest congestion

Honey, Ginger and Lemon for herbal tea

5.Air Humidifier and Air Purifiers

Use of air humidifiers and air purifiers keeps the air around us free of various pollutants. They help us in avoiding the damage that polluted air causes to our lungs and respiratory tract.

6.Inhale Steam

When we inhale steam, it loosens the lining of mucus around our throat and chest. You can add some cloves or menthol for quicker and better results.

  1. Use Hot Compresses on your Chest

Hot compresses keep the chest warm gradually releasing the phlegm.

8.Herbal tea

Many herbal teas are available in the market under various brand names. They are made with some very effective herbs such as basil, tea tree, cinnamon, rosemary, lemongrass, etc.

So next time whenever you start feeling that you are having symptoms of chest congestion do not forget to try our remedies. Hopefully, you will start feeling better in a few days. But keep an eye on your condition and if you feel that it is worsening visit your health advisor as soon as possible. Because sometimes chest congestion might be a result of some viral or bacterial infection that needs a medical treatment.

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