Easy techniques to Cure Muscle Strain in an hour

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What is muscle strain

During regular exercise, we suffer many minor injuries like the injury to the knee or leg. Muscle strain is an injury or pulled muscle that causes pain. It has different signs that are usually observed like swelling with redness, pain, and muscle movement becomes limited.

It is normal to occur these types of injuries during work out, even for both regular and newbie trainer. It can be treated at home, and your wound can be healed, but treatment depends upon the injury level. We divide muscle strain into three types.

Types of Strain

  1. Mild/ Minor Damage:

In this type, a small part of the muscle is harmed, and less thanĀ  5% of muscle becomes unable to move.

You can do practice for muscle movement and muscle will be heal easily in one to two weeks at home.

  1. Significant Damage:

It is the second type of muscle strain; muscle suffers more damage than minor damage. In this type, almost 2-3 weeks are required for complete recovery. Try to do a little exercise of damaged power to keep the muscle in movement, but avoid massive training and practice.

  1. Severe Damage:

It is a severe type of muscle strain. It can prevail for up to 4-6 weeks. It is a complete rupture or tear of muscle or tendon. You must consult a doctor and avoid a more strenuous workout. Try to heal Internal bleeding because it is a time taking process.

Muscle Strain

Muscle Strain

Easy techniques to cure muscle strain:

  • You can quickly treat your muscle strain and pull a muscle at home, so firstly, choose weights that you can easliy manage for exercise and understand the actual use of specific equipment or tools at the gym or home.
  • The use of Ice-tube or packs is fair for the muscle to cure redness and swelling of muscle.
  • Heat is also a remedy, but try not to heat the damaged muscle in the early morning because it may cause more swelling.
  • Elevate the shattered parts; for example, if the leg gets injured, we instruct to up the leg for a while to maintain the blood pressure; blood should run smoothly.
  • Compression is also a cure but in severe damage avoid it, because it may increase internal bleeding.
  • Drugs like NSAID(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), naproxen, and Iburfoen keep in mind and avoid harmful medicines for kidneys.
  • Before starting your exercise or workout, you must take a warm-up.
  • If you are doing a heavy or strenuous workout, take a break between the sets.
  • For pulled muscle, three steps are containing “strengthening training” are also necessary.

Forget :

  • it means to forget what you have used to do before the injury and now what can do. Of course, you may be unable to maintain Your previous record. So, it is a way to strengthen the muscle.

No pain:

  • it is also a part of the technique. It would be best if you avoided such activities that cause pain or increase the Pain level.
  • Strengthen To level needed for your support: You have to maintain Your support by regular daily but light exercise; otherwise, sudden start of practice may cause strain or injury.

Preventive Measures:

  • Avoid stretch of muscles daily.
  • Start an exercise after visiting a consultant.
  • Don’t use heat or ice on bare skin.
  • Warm-up is compulsory for a pulled muscle.

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