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Dry Hair

Frizzy hair is widespread concern for every individual. Dry hair means that the hair does not have sufficient moisture. Most people, including youngsters, complain about hair problems like hair fall, hair dryness, fizziness, etc. As everyone wants their hair perfect and healthy, therefore they treat them with very high care. But even then, problems arise, and one cannot maintain their hair strength due to some reasons which are to be discussed as causes of dry hair.

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By Sohail Habib

Causes of dry hair

Dry and frizzy hair does not grip or maintain wet nutrients to keep its texture and brightness at a level. This problem is faced by every man and woman nowadays. The causes of dry hair and scalp are most often interrelated. The major cause told by the cosmetologist is some basic constraints in the nutrition supplement of a person; however, that’s not the only thing which has made this problem so widespread. Environmental circumstances have caused dull hair through excise exposure to the sun and wind and the existence of different minerals and chlorine in water used to wash our hair. Dry hair can also occur due to the result of swimming or bathing on the water having no check and balance, or hair treatments using chemicals, and hair relaxer chemicals and even from straightening tools and hair dryers. Among all the causes some  of the major reasons due to which a person makes his/her hair unsmooth are listed below:

  • Unbalanced diet
  • Too much Sun exposure
  • stress
  • excessive sweating
  • Use of harsh hair products.
  • Cleaning with chlorinated stuff
  • Use of styling tools
  • Giving high heat
  • Less use of conditioner and oil
  • change in weather conditions

Each person has a diverse hair type, hair surface and colour. Many people have some hair complications. Dry and broken hair is one of the hair problems which should be taken seriously. One should be really anxious about this issue if he likes healthy hair

Home Remedies for dry hair

There are number of home remedies which can make our hair soft, silky and smooth.

  1. Oiling helps to cure dry hairs

Different oils are available in the market which can be applied to avoid dryness of the hair. Among them Almond coconut and mustard oil are highly recommended. It makes our hair wet for the long term and provides most of the nutrients which are required by dry hair. All you need to do is to massage your hair and scalp and where a shower cap for half an hour and then wash your hair.

Dry Hair

2. Hair mask

Another way to make your dry hair smooth you can use the technique of hair mask. Applying different eating stuff on your hair is included in this applying. For preparing basic face mask we must take egg, banana, honey and olive oil. Mix it well apply on your hair and wash it after half an hour.

3. Avoid washing it everyday

Shampoo removes dirt and makes our hair clean. But It also removes the important nutrients which are important for the health and growth of the hair.  For example sebum. Sebum is a natural oil in the hair which makes our hair easier to maintain.

4. Using good hair care products recommended for your hair type

The use of conditioner is very necessary to avoid dullness. The hair product having less sulphate or no sulphate must be used although keeping these points in mind one must also focus on the product description and see the ingredients used in it. Use conditioners that have omega 3 or lipids which will replace lost moisture.

5. Remedy Using eggs and other mixtures

Following the given steps are going to make the dry hair

  • Add two eggs in a cup and mix it.
  • Add two tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • Apply the combination to scalp and hair.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic or shower cap for about thirty minutes.
  • Wash the hair with cool water and conditioner.

Here are some important things mentioned which are to be avoided for the betterment of hair and its smoothness.

  • Do not comb when wet.
  • Do not blow dry your hair or use other machines like curlers, straighteners etc. Naturally drying your hair is best. Well at minimum don’t do this daily
  • Do not use any styling tool on the burning/hottest setting.
  • Do not use chlorinated water for washing.
  • Never use cheap and local product which are not trusted worthy.

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