Best Workout Routine for Legs [ 100% working guide 2020]

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Have you been in the gym for almost a decade now, but you wonder why you don’t get that killer symmetrical, good looking physique? Don’t fret; Wanna  Best Workout Routine for Legs? I’ve got a solution for you. Why should you’ve chicken legs when you’re a gym buff? You don’t deserve it. You should go and get that killer look from the gym. Follow the leg workout below for mass building and like a champion, train that lower body part.

The Leg mass Building Rule

For a successful leg mass building, follow the 4-point rule. It’s done by first starting the exercise with the most massive weight and the most strenuous exercise. Secondly, you’ve to hit the thighs from different angles. In the third and fourth rule, you’ve to maintain every routine’s volume high and train to failure of the muscles.  Below are the 7 leg workout routine. Try them and thank me later.

  1. Leg Extensions

Three sets, 8-12 reps)

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Set your load and sit on your machine. Hook your legs under the footpads and put your hands on the sidebars. Form a 90-degree with your lower and upper legs to avoid undue on your knees. Your knees should always be aligned with your toes.

Using your quads, extend your legs fully as you inhale. During the movement, keep your back flat on the padded seat. Squeeze and pause for a moment and retreat to your original position slowly. Do it repeatedly until you complete the set.

  1. Standing Calf Raises

(3 set, 10-20 reps)

Set your calf raise machine to the level of your height. Stand on the machine and rest your shoulders under the machine pads, then face your toes forward. Firmly, plant your feet balls on the step and extend the heels over the edge. Raise your heels high till you feel your calves flex. Pause for 2-3 seconds and lower your heels to go back to your original position.

  1. Lying Legs Curls

     (4 sets 8-12 reps)

Lie face down and rest your feet under the foot pad-just a few inches below the calves on the machine. Clutch the machine handle and keep your trunk flat and fully stretch your legs. On the pad, keep your upper legs and curl them as much as you can as you exhale. After fully curling your legs, pause for a second and go back to the initial position.

  1. Barbell Squat must be in Best Workout Routine for Legs

(3 sets of 5-10 reps- after the two reps lighten the reps)

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With your toes facing slightly outwards, make a hip-width stance. On the top of your trap muscles, support your barbell, chest facing up, and head forward. Keep your back strained and slowly bend your knees as you drive them upward. Pivot your hips to make your knees move forward. Ensure that the bar moves up and down in a straight line. Push up to return to your original position as you keep your weight slowly on your heels.

  1. Romanian Deadlift

In a shoulder-width stance, hold a bar at a hip level with your palms facing down. Bent your knees slightly, and arch your back as you keep your shoulders back. As you lower the bar, move your butt as far as you can. While keeping your shoulders back and your chest out, maintain the bar’s distance to your body as your head looking forward. Lower down the bar to a knee level. Drive your knees forward, and return to your original position.

  1. Leg Press

(4 sets of 8-10 legs)

Best Workout Routine for Legs

First, set the weight and place your feet on the footplate in front of you. Firmly, press your back against the backrest. Start by lowering the footplate’s safety bar and then press it back to ensure that your torso and legs are entirely extended to form a 90-degree.

To avoid injuries or accidents, remember to keep your knees slightly bent when extended. As you inhale to make a 90-degree, lower the footplate slowly with your lower and upper legs. Push the plate to your starting position by placing the weight on your heels. After finishing your reps, lock the safety pins.

Tip: To work glutes and hams, place your feet on the footplate up higher. Also, for your protection, ensure that your hands are always on the safety bars.

  1. Dumbbell Walking Lunge

(4 sets of 10-15 steps each side)

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In a hip-width stance, hold a dumbbell on both hands and put one leg forward as you bend your knees to lower the hips. Ensure that you dip till your knees almost touch the floor. To avoid injury, maintain an upright posture, and don’t bend your front knees beyond your toes. Ascend from the lunge as you put your weight on the heels of your front foot. Do it repeatedly by switching sides.

Now you’ve what you need to get that good looking physique. The ball is now on your court. Play it and let the discipline guide you to achieve your dream.

Do you’ve any other leg workout that might’ve been left out? If yes, comment on the comment box below.

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