Best Chest Workout Routine- Guide 2020

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Best Chest Workout Routine

These days many people are searching for the best chest workout routine. As it has become the

Latest fashion to get into perfect physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Tiger Shroff. But people get confused with a lot of information on the net. So they don’t get the concrete answer to their question. So it becomes very challenging for them to find the right exercise as the wrong exercise can cause adverse effects on their body, so it is imperative to have the correct knowledge before starting any workout. Here in this article, we are revealing the best chest workout routine after analyzing all the research.

Q.Why current chest workout is effective?

The current chest workout is not that effective because people focus on the middle portion of the chest. They only do barbell bench press and dumbbell fly. These are the necessary equipment in the gym to build bigger and stronger chest. People do not focus on the upper chest workout. As a result, they do not get the desired physique. If you tone your upper chest, it will give you the look of V neck. Another problem is that it is a misconception That only machine and higher reps make bigger chest, but that’s not right let’s see how

Shaping up the well-developed chest

If you’re focusing only on your middle chest, it will become too big, and you have an untoned upper chest, which will look at a woman breast; developing both of the parts will have a dramatic effect on body, strength, and torso. The upper chest muscle usually called clavicular pectoralis, which takes a little longer time to develop, but once it grows, it will give you an aesthetic look.

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How to develop a chest in the right way :

1: Heavy resistance weight 

You have to go for heavy resistance weight training, put heavy loads on your packs, which allows it to expand with 3 to 8 repetition sets for at least twice a week.

2:Barbell bench press

First, lie down on the flat bench with legs touching the floor. Hold the barbell with your hands, then bring it down near your chest and then push it upwards and extend the arms so that the elbows get locked, take the set of 4 and repetition of 5 to 8, and rest for 90 seconds.

3: Dumbbell incline bench press

As the name suggests, you have to incline towards the bench and hold the dumbbells in both hands. Your hands must be parallel to the shoulders, bend the elbows, rest your neck against the seat with tour feet touching the floor while exhaling press the dumbbells straight up over your chest, and take four sets of four reputations 6 to 10 then rest for 90 seconds.

4:Weighted dips

Weighted dips are like the belts with a specific weight attached to take the dip sets while wearing this belt, and it will give good results

5:Flat DumbellPress

This workout directly focuses on chest, abs, shoulders, and triceps; this exercise’s movement is off pushing type. Hold the dumbbells and lie down on flat bench hold the dumbbells little wider than shoulder with your palms tight and facing forward. Now push the weight on the upward direction with arms straight slowly back towards shoulder by bending your elbows at 90 degrees you should feel stretch near chest and shoulder area take the set of four reputations 10to12 and rest for one minute.

In any case, if the bench press is not available to you, there are few alternative exercises for that which has the same effect

Best Chest Workout Routine


The dip is the best alternative exercise which will not only tone your chest, but shoulders and triceps also hold the two parallel bars with each of your hand which are shoulders width apart and try to lift yourself upward by extending your arms

2: Single-arm dumbbell bench press

This exercise is the most trusted choice for a bench press in this exercise you are engaging your chest and abs and also engages your core

3: Push-ups

the push-up is all in one practice as it affects your chest triceps shoulders and abs in a very effective manner

4: Dumbbell barbell floor press

Perfect substitution of bench press. It focuses on chest shoulder and triceps you can lift more weight than with the bench press. It strengthens the upper body’s muscles.

Alternative exercises of this workout that can’t be done at home

There are few alternative exercises this has the same effect on the chest which can be done quickly at home

1:Push ups

It is a significant bodyweight exercise that directly affects chest and arms it does not require any specific equipment it can be done anywhere

2: Decline push-ups

It is a little complicated than the usual push-ups as you have to put feet on a higher level than your hands get little challenging, but it has better results.

3:Diamond push-ups

Another form of push-ups is to do by keeping your hands close together so that your thumbs and index finger touches and forms a diamond shape this kind of push-ups with hands are close together can give desired results on triceps and inner chest muscles

4: Push uphold

This kind of exercise will work on your shoulder core and arms it will also increase your strength and stamina because you have to hold the push up with your elbow bent anybody is lower down It is little tricky, but it’s worth doing it

5: Wide push-ups

While push-ups can be done by keeping your hand further away which gives direct pressure on the pectoral chest muscle this push-up works effectively on upper chest muscles

So in this way, you can workout at home also without using equipment


Thus eventually, we conclude that doing the chest workout in an appropriate manner, including both upper and middle chests, can give the best results in the development of healthy and we-shaped comprehensive chest exercises with or without equipment. Still, the essential thing in any activity is to maintain consistency and do it in the correct form, so good luck to you all!!!

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