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7 Minute Home Workout For Fat Loss


Due to lock down we all are locked into our houses because of which we are not able to go out and do anything physical activities like walking or jogging or gymming. So this fat loss home workout would get you moving and also help you to lose weight. For  faster results, you should pay attention to nutrition also. Take a calorie deficit diet or add  intermittent fasting to your daily life for faster fat loss results.


This 7 min home workout is based on high-intensity interval training. It has seven exercises with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off

1. Jumping jacks

Stand straight Hands by your side, jump with a slight bend in your knees and spread your legs with arms touching each other over your head.  Jump again and come back to the starting position. Do this for 45 seconds and then take a rest of 15 seconds before the next exercise. this exercise works on your cardiovascular system making you more endurant to perform exercise. This exercise will help you loose fat from all over the body.


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2. Half burpees

Start with standing upright then place your hands on the ground and push your  legs away from you so that you attain a pushup position jump back to starting position. This exercise is full body exercise. It will not only help to burn fat but also to build muscle and get a toned body.

3.  Plank Knees To Elbow

After high intensity exercise this one is low impact as it will give you time to recover burning more calories without stopping and also it will keep you in state of losing fat.
Start with a pushup position and then pull your right leg so that it touches your right elbow and then come back into the starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

4. Forearm Side plank
Start with lying on your right side, place your elbow directly under your shoulder. Then contract your core and push your body up till you are in a straight line. Don’t let your hit sag. Hold this position for 22-second repeat the same on the left side for 22 seconds

. This exercise targets your love handles.It will help you lose side fat and strengthen your core muscles

5. High Plank To Low Plank

Start with the pushup position then place your right forearm on the ground followed by the left leading to the plank position. Straight  your right hand followed by left attaining starting position. This is one rep. Then repeat the same but this time start with the left hand. Keep your core tight, and if you feel it’s difficult then lower your legs, you can do it on your knees but make sure you are straight from head to knee.

this exercise is core killer it will help you burn your belly as well as your arm fat and will strengthen your core and arm muscles.

6. High Knees

Stand upright and lift your right leg at 90 degrees and then jump and lift your left leg at 90 degrees. If you are not able to maintain for 45 seconds, then slow down but do not stop.

This exercise is great to move your intensity up. now we are about to finish the routine so, let’s get our heart rates up with this.

7. Jumping Squats
Start with standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down till your thighs are parallel with the ground and then jump so that your feet are off the ground and your legs are straight. Squat down again. this exercise is an explosive one. it will help you to loose fat and also to build nice and toned legs and glutes.


All the exercises are beginner-friendly; you do not need any prior knowledge of fitness to follow it. Do this routine Daily.  To get maximum benefits out of the routine do three consecutive rounds of it which will be 25 to 30 minutes of a solid workout


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